Mother’s Day Story

Mother’s Day Story

Mother's Day Story
Mother’s Day Story

The story of Mother’s Day is a long one. It is neither an ongoing marvel as numerous individuals trust it to be. Nor it is the making of card and blessing marketers syndicate as assumed by cynics of Mother’s Day Story festival. To the surprise of parcel numerous individuals Mothers, Day celebrations are first said to have occurred in the hour of old Greeks and Romans hundreds of years back.

Indeed, even Mothers Day celebrations in the UK started much before the custom saw the light of the day in the US. In the US the efforts of Ms. Julia Ward Howe and Ms. Anna Jarvis are extraordinarily perceived for starting the custom of Mothers Day yet several other ladies too made wonderful commitment to advance the cause of Mothers Day holiday.

Today Mothers Day is praised in excess of 46 countries around the globe however at various times in the period of May and in some countries it is commended in completely various times of the year. In the present time, Mothers Day has come to be globally perceived as the day to respect all mothers and say thanks to them for the services they grant to assist their individual kid and consequently to the advancement of humankind. Please read on and click on the links to find out about the related Mothers Day stories.

Mother’s Day Story: Celebrations in the UK

In the UK, Mothers Day celebrations started by the name of Mothering Sunday, several years before the tradition found its roots in the UK. Mothering Sunday came to be celebrated following the practice in the UK of the 17th century wherein children of poor families were sent to work as an apprentice and domestic servants with the rich. These children were allowed to visit their ‘Mother Church’ or the Cathedral of their home town annually in the middle of the fasting month of Lent. Children met their mothers after visiting the church and presented them with flowers and special ‘Mothering Cakes’. The custom received a set back with the advent of the Industrial Revolution when the lifestyle changes. American soldiers contributed to the revival of the tradition after World War II.

Mother’s Day Story: Struggle of Anna Jarvis

A caring little girl from West Virginia, Anna Jarvis is perceived as an ‘Organizer of Mothers Day’ and ‘Mother of Mothers Day’. Anna kept the expression of her activist mother, Mrs. Ann Marie Reeves Jarvis who once expressed a wish that someone should strive to give mothers their due acknowledgment. After her mother’s passing in 1905, Anna’s assurance got strong and she alongside several supporters started campaigning for the official holiday on Mothers Day by composing letters to the individuals in power. To observe Mother’s Day, Anna started to send her mother’s most loved flowers, carnations in her neighborhood church requesting individuals to wear them out of appreciation for their mothers. The thought increased immense notoriety throughout the years and in 1910, West Virginia turned into the first state to perceive Mothers Day holiday. On May 8, 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a Joint Resolution designating the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Story: Celebrations in the time of Greeks and Romans

The convention of Mothers Day started with the antiquated Greeks who praised their yearly spring festival to pay tribute to Rhea, the mother of numerous Gods and Goddesses in the Greek folklore. Antiquated Romans too praised a spring festival by the name of Hilaria out of appreciation for Cybele, a mother goddess, some 250 years before Christ was conceived.

Mother’s Day Story: Genesis of the Festival in the US

The story of Mothers Day in the US started with the efforts of a unique essayist and poetess, Julia Ward Howe in 1872. An activist deeply Julia used her potentials to facilitate the cause of Mother’s Day. She composed a ground-breaking Mothers Day Proclamation in Boston in 1870 and requested the announcement of authentic holiday and celebrations on Mother’s Day. Her thought picked up fame yet she was unable to get the thought actualized. Julia is also credited for writing words for Civil War song, “Fight Hymn of the Republic”.

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