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A mother’s love is so tender and sweet. So, why not celebrate your mother with a well thought, inspiring and motivating quote from the following list.

You are the best mother in the whole world. You have sacrificed your whole life for me and my brother, just want to say happy birthday mom and happy mothers day.

The innocence and love I see in your eyes make me wonder if I can be as good a mother as you are.

If I could create something more beautiful than a rose, more costly than gold, and more expensive than diamond, then I would because that is what you are worth to me as my mother.

When I think of what you had to go through; the sleepless nights, the uncertainty, the pain and the burden, I simply find no words to describe you, mama.

I know of only two omnipresent people: the Almighty God and you my beautiful mother.

In my darkest hour, I go to a corner to pray then I remember God already loves me so much because he gave me a mother like you.

You will meet many people who will have an impact on your life but only a mother’s love will stay in your heart forever.

35 Mothers day wishes with images
What better way is to say thank you Ma, then with these happy Mothers Day wishes, specially crafted for this beloved woman.

When I lost my first tooth, everyone laughed and jeered at me but not my mother because she is the only who understands what a tooth means to her young one.

The heart of a mother is too big; it can take all my filth, failures, worries and even successes without overflowing.

I wonder how the world would come to be if it was not for the mothers, even God knows mothers are irreplaceable.


The only job that does not need an application, shortlist, an interview and a letter of employment is motherhood.

Without your mom, I have no idea what I would become, possibly an alien from space.

How many instinctive philosophers do you know? Actually, there is only one – you beautiful mother.

Of the many thoughts a mother can have, none is as important as that of her children; it follows her like her shadow.

Words cannot begin to express the deepness of the love I have for you mama; you make me want to cry every time you call me baby.

Mothers are artistic, musical and creative; you will only know this if you listen to them rocking their little ones.

Banks as we know them deal with money and other treasures but a mother is the only bank where I deposit my worries and hurts and withdraw tons of love.

Of the most eloquent people I have met in my life, you beat the tenfold in the language of love.

I have traveled the world, met millions of people, read lots of books and eaten many foods; none of these gives me pleasure like spending time with your mom.

My father taught me a lot concerning women, but you mother only taught me how to be a mother and a wife.

Most mothers are instinctive philosophers.

The one thing children wear out faster than shoes is parents.

We should not forget the other important person in our life and that is our papa. When his day comes we should also say happy Fathers Day with these special quotes and wishes.

Insanity is hereditary; you get it from your children.

Where we love is home — home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.

If I had a single flower for every time I think of you, I could walk forever in my garden.

A Freudian slip is when you say one thing but mean your mother.

Setting a good example for your children takes all the fun out of middle age.

If I could ask the gods one favor, it would be to be as perfect a mother as you are to me, mama.

A mother’s cup of love is enough to quench the love thirst of every child; it does not run dry.

Dear God, please preserve my mom, coz she is the only one who understands the meaning of perfect motherhood to teach me.

I know of only two people who love me even though I mostly do not deserve it- God and you my mother.

They call today mother’s day but I think of it more as the day I remember the source of my existence.

You have been so wonderful mom- I just thought the short message could show you my gratitude.

Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.

That best academy, a mother’s knee.

The best graduates of the University of Motherhood, nobody has the degree mothers hold and yet they keep studying.

For God so loved me that He gave me a mother to nurture me, protect me and teach the best morals of life.

In a cruel, ruthless, dangerous and unforgiving world, you make me feel secure and confident to face my fears- I love you, mama.

A mother’s food basket always has a least one more, not for herself but for her child who asks for more.

After all the things you have done for my mom, am convinced you will take a bullet for me again and again and for that reason, you are my hero.

Nobody could tolerate my foolishness and skittishness but you did mama- I cannot forget to celebrate this important day with you.

May your day be filled with happiness, gladness, and peace- you deserve it more than anyone today.

Mama, nobody has seen your claws, your horns or your fangs but I have coz you could care and protect me so much without them.

I have never met someone so brave, so daring or so protective like a mother; why not celebrate them.

Mama, you are beautiful in and out, pure at heart and huge in wisdom- allow me to spoil you with my praises.

I have waited for this day mom to tell you something my heart has always kept secret- you are my hero.

Mothers day wishes
Everyone is born of a woman but not all women are mothers; congratulations mom you are a true mother.

You stand tall above your head mama: what a gift for an undeserving daughter like me.

It is good to know someone loves and cares about you: you are that person mother.

All mothers are good in arithmetic; try them with addition, division, multiplication, and you will see it at the dining table.

I feel like the luckiest person in the face of the earth because of you mama, words fail me but I wanted this day to be the most special time for you.

I do not know how many mothers are like you; all I know is that you are unlike most mothers I have met- you are simply wonderful.

What you are to me is unexplainable; maybe my tears will show you how much I cherish you but again that is not enough.

To be a mother requires sacrifice, commitment, and determination to see good in your children; only good mothers like you mama know this hidden meaning.

You are not a mother if your kids like you; Motherhood is the only job that you get negative results if you do it perfectly but do it anyway.

Many people think I reached this far because of my hard work and effort; they are so wrong coz I awe all these to only one person – my angel mama.

mothers day
Do you know why the first person you think of when you are hurting is your mother? She is wired deeply into your biology.

Having female biologic characteristics is one but being a mother is much more than that- instinct and motherhood skills are major ingredients.

You know what I have realized mum; I used to see only with my eyes but you touch me to see with my mind as well…. Thank you!

I am like a tree in a desert that needs daily watering, a seedling in a garden that needs frequent weeding and a plant that needs occasional pruning; who takes care of all these…. No one else but you mama.

Fathers know many things; but to be a mother, they have no idea where to start or end.

People love me because I am compassionate, tolerant, liberal, brave and charismatic…. All these things I learned from your mother.

I never grew with my mother and did not believe am beautiful but when I heard her say it, I had no more reason to doubt.

Can anyone take the place of a mother? Am asking fathers to answer this question because as far as am concerned; mothers are irreplaceable.

Many people do not know who a mother is; she is the one who will rather go hungry but ensure there enough for you, one who will cry if you refuse to eat, and one who will go her way to find you an alternative if you do not like what she cooked.



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